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Aplite Greenstone Heritage

Aplite Greenstone Heritage

Mumbai is one of the fastest developing localities in Maharashtra. It is gaining prominence as a  thriving and profitable business area in Mumbai because of the several upcoming residential and  commercial projects. 

Aplite Greenstone Heritage is one of the top 10 residential projects in Mumbai that aspires to fulfill  the community’s needs in ways more than one. The project delivers 1, 2 and 2.5 BHK homes, giving a  peaceful sea-facing atmosphere on one side and gorgeous greenery and lush surroundings of  Greater Mumbai on the other. 

Aplite Greenstone Heritage is situated near the prestigious corners of Mumbai, such as the Badri  Mahal and Raudat Tahera. With religious organizations such as these located within a 1km radius,  this project paves the way for those elite few who look ahead to welcome a comfortable and  restorative lifestyle. 

Furthermore, the housing projects indulged in are living examples of enjoying a luxurious life in  Mumbai. With commercial hubs, hospitals, schools, malls, and restaurants in the surroundings, this  city stands to be the best place to own residential property. So you do not have to look far for the  perfect home. Still not convinced, continue reading as we tell you everything you should know to  buy a dream house with Aplite Greenstone. 

About the Project: 

Aplite Greenstone Heritage in Fort, Mumbai South by Aplite Group, the best real estate developer in  Mumbai, is a residential project that offers Apartments with the perfect combination of stylish  architecture and features to provide a comfortable living. 

The Apartment is of 1BHK, 2BHK and 2.5BHK configurations and is a perfectly RERA- registered  project. 

The project is outstretched over a total area of 0.27 acres of land. Aplite Greenstone Heritage, one of  the top 10 luxury apartments of Mumbai, has a total of 3 constructed towers. The construction is of  21 floors, and accommodation of 263 units has been provided. Thus, covering a total project area of  0.27 acres which is approx. 1.09K sq. m. 

Furthermore, the project offers 21 amenities for a better living experience. 

These apartments assembled are RCC framed and are strategically constructed structures with the  best architecture and specifications both from inside and outside.

Modern Rules That Will Make You Have A Visit At Aplite Greenstone Heritage 

  • Finding A Dream House In The Heart Of Mumbai 

Purchasing a brand new house is a goal of many people, and holding a home in the economic capital  of India could tell a lot. Isn’t it? Mumbai is becoming a hot spot for investors, and the city is already  blazed up with high-rising buildings and skyscrapers. With the growing demand for luxurious  accommodation from the upper-middle class and upper-class people, finding the perfect house  could be challenging to manage. 

  • Registration Charges And Stamp Duties 

Did you just love the 2 BHK Flat? Do you want to buy it? To be the only owner of the flat/property,  you have to register the flat under your name. You will need to give a signup fee to the Maharashtra  government for doing this. 

For stamp duty, you will be required to spend 5% of the property’s overall value in Mumbai. On the  other hand, the registration expense would be 1% of the stamp duty. Aplite Greenstone Heritage  makes the stamp duty process much smoother for you to purchase a home without any challenges. 

  • Maintenance And Parking Charges 

Nowadays, residential properties arrive with parking lots or spaces. To use that area, one would  need to pay the parking charges. Along with the parking space, residential properties come with  maintenance expenses for society. Aplite Greenstone Heritage provides detailed information about  such activities so that you live a happy and perfect life without any cliches. 

  • GST 

The GST is a combination of both these VAT and Service taxes. Keep in mind that the GST is only  authorized for under-construction properties. So if you are looking for an upcoming real estate  project in South Mumbai you will have to pay the GST. However, if you are going for a completed 1  BHK or 2 BHK flat, you won’t need to pay the GST. 

Final Word: 

Want to buy a luxurious house in Mumbai but are not satisfied with what you find, check out Aplite  Greenstone Heritage, a real estate project near CSMT is the perfect place for you and your family.

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