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luxury living in south mumbai

Pros of luxury living in South Mumbai

We all know Mumbai as the city of dreams where millions of individuals arrive each day to pursue  their personal or professional passion and then work hard to realize their dream. In the heart of  Mumbai, is the bustling South Mumbai area which is a quintessential part of the city and where all  Mumbaikars aspire to work or live one day. The lifestyle in South Mumbai is an epitome of what  luxury living in Mumbai looks like. Amidst sprawling and expansive surroundings, South Mumbai can  be called the glamor quotient of this dream city. 

The luxury apartments in South Mumbai offer a grandiose lifestyle with various amenities such as  banquet halls, swimming pools, walking paths, gymnasiums etc. With commercial hubs, hospitals,  schools, malls, and restaurants in the vicinity, South Mumbai is one of the best places to own a  residential property. Apart from the luxurious facilities, the homes in South Mumbai reveal a  breathtaking view of the city’s skyline and the magnificent sea. 

If you’re planning to invest in a luxurious yet comfortable home in South Mumbai, then Aplite  Greenstone Heritage can be a great option for you. Right from best society amenities in Mumbai, to  24/7 security and bespoke surroundings, the Aplite Group, best real estate developer in Mumbai offers 1BHK, 2BHK and 2.5BHK homes in the CSMT area of South Mumbai. 

Luxury apartments in Mumbai come with many pros and we have listed some of them for you  below.  

1) Close proximity to business districts – Isn’t it great if you don’t have to travel too far to  reach your workplace? If you are residing in South Mumbai, then you can be one of the lucky  ones who will have their office in close proximity. South Mumbai has innumerable  commercial hubs such as Lower Parel, BKC, Nariman Point and more, which are all situated  within an hour. This close proximity to your workplace will allow you to spend some quality  time with your family and help you relax and unwind. 

2) Access to the best of facilities – Staying at a luxury and comfortable apartment complex in  South Mumbai gets you easy access to necessary places such as Saifee Hospital, Wockhardt  Hospitals, Bombay International School and lots more. So, whether you prefer staying closer  to your child’s school or prefer proximity to a health centre or hospital, South Mumbai  residences have it all for you and more.  

3) Connectivity – Owning a resident in South Mumbai gives you the privilege of traveling  quickly and without any hassle because the access to the Sea Link and Eastern Freeway  makes it easier to connect to the rest of the city. Therefore you do not need to worry about  traffic jams etc. 

4) Access to the culture hub of the city – If you are residing in South Mumbai, then you will  never need to think about what to do during the weekends. If you’re more of a cultural  person who hates partying or clubbing, then you can drive your way to art festivals and  hobby clubs. You can enjoy art at the Kala Ghoda festival, watch plays and musicals at NCPA,  attend different events at CCI, or join a hobby club. Residing in South Mumbai will also bring  you closer to historical buildings such as Raudat Tahera and Badri Mahal.  

You can now own a beautiful house in South Mumbai, built by the best real estate developers in  Mumbai, without having to compromise on luxury and comfort. The homes at Aplite Greenstone 

Heritage make sure that you have easy access to all the necessary amenities and the most gorgeous  surroundings. With easy access to the Marine Drive, a lovely view of the sprawling blue sea, close  proximity to the most sought after cultural hubs in the city, Aplite Greenstone Heritage is the place  where you would love to reside with your family. Do check out the sample flats to get a feel of one  of the top 3 real estate projects in Mumbai.

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